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7 May, 2019: MIIT called on a meeting involving 13 key aluminium producers  and CNIA (China Nonferrous Metals Association) to review the current industry status and outlook. Attendees included: Chalco Group, SPIC Group, Weiqiao Group, Liaoning Zhongwang Group and some other producers.

Meeting participants indicated that the operation of the domestic aluminium industry had been stable this year to date, with improved market demand and rising prices, easing the downward trend of general profit decline which began in H2 2018. At present, there is a glut of both domestic alumina and primary aluminium capacity and domestic aluminium consumption has moved into a period of slow growth. In 2019, MIIT will further SSSR (Supply Side Structure Reform) in the aluminium industry, continue to control domestic primary aluminium capacity, strictly enforce the capacity replacement scheme, and  push forward fair electricity usage by cutting overall electricity costs for large-industrial producers.

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