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3rd March: MIIT has formulated and published “Aluminium Industry Norm”. The Norm is applicable to the aluminium industry including bauxite mining, alumina refining, primary aluminium smelting and renewable aluminum production that is complete and operational. It is a guide document designed to advance technical progress and standardized development of the industry, but is not a mandatory policy for administrative approval purposes. The new Norm will come into force on March 30th, 2020 and the existing “Aluminium Industry Norm” published by MIIT on 19th July 2013 will be terminated at the same time.

The Norm regulates areas of the aluminium industry including general requirements, quality, technology, equipment, energy consumption, resource consumption and comprehensive utilization, environmental obligations, safe operation, occupational hazards, and standard management.

In the general requirements section, the Norm stipulates that:

  1. Bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminium smelting and renewable aluminium production must meet the requirements of national and local industrial policies, mineral resource planning, environmental protection and energy conservation laws, regulations and policies, mining laws, regulations and policies, safety production laws, regulations and policies, industry development planning, etc.
  2. Bauxite miners must obtain mining licenses and work safety licenses according to law. The mining right holders shall carry out mine construction and development in accordance with the approved development and utilization plan, preliminary design and safety facility design. Unauthorized mining, indiscriminate mining, environmental damage and waste of resources are strictly prohibited.

Alumina and primary aluminium projects must be approved and registered by relevant authorities. Stable bauxite supply and red mud dams are necessary prerequisites for alumina projects and stable supply of alumina, electricity and water resources are prerequisites for primary aluminium projects. Integrated development of the primary aluminium industry such as integrated hydro power-aluminium, thermal-coal-aluminium projects and electricity-aluminium projects are encouraged. It is encouraged to locate renewable aluminium projects close to clusters of aluminium scrap.


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