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Malaysia Kadang Resources plans to start bauxite production in Q4 of this year. Last month, they acquired mining rights for iron ore and bauxite in two locations, covering a total area of about 700 hectares.

The initial capacity of bauxite is 60 kt per month which will be expanded to 100 kt at the beginning of next year. Kadang will mainly supply washed bauxite (Al2O3 44% min), 50 kt of which will be produced by the end of this year. At present, Kadang is in negotiations to purchase two sets of washing equipment in Yantai, China, with a budget of RMB 13 mln.

It has been reported that the current offshore price of Malaysia’s bauxite (Al2O3 47% min and SiO2 10% max) is around USD 33/t.

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