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Mandatory emission reduction measures implemented in Luliang City will involve 10 local alumina refineries and one primary aluminium smelter. The ten refineries have total completed capacity of 14.95 mtpy (accounting for 57.83% of the Shanxi total and 17.35% of the national total). Of the total completed capacity, 11.55 mtpy is presently operational (accounting for 64.7% of the Shanxi total and 18.13% of the national total).

Jiaokou Xinfa had been planning to resume previously idled 2.8mtpy capacity in October but may now postpone its resumption as a result of the onging emission controls.

Chalco Huarun is the only primary aluminium smelter in Luliang City, and has 500 ktpy capacity of which 250 ktpy is operational. The overall impact of the emission control is expected to be limited.

If strictly implemented, 120 kt of alumina output and 1.5 kt of primary aluminium will be curbed during the policy implementation period from 25 September to 2 October.


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