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As the largest producer of calcined high-temperature alumina in China, Shandong Lubei Refinery announced that it intends to produce 180 kt of calcined high-temperature alumina in 2019, an increase of 12.5% compared with 160 kt in 2018.

The company has three rotary kilns with calcined high-temperature alumina capacity of 240 ktpy. By the end-July 2019, the company had produced 115 kt of alumina. According to a company source, downstream market demand is strong at the moment, so they have increased planned output for the year.

The company is expected to produce about 15 kt of calcined high-temperature alumina in July, higher than the level of 13 kt set in June. The price of the company’s high-temperature calcined alumina is presently RMB 3,300/t.

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