Shanghai Nonferrous Metals News

LoMo and Billions: The company aims to increase its TiO2 pigment capacity to 1.5 mtpy and its titanium sponge and titanium alloy capacity to 80~100 ktpy by end-2025. The company will also step-up development in areas of new energy battery materials, mining, AI manufacturing and circular economy, striving to accomplish a total revenue target of RMB 50 by end-2025.

LoMo and Billions has set up two new 30 ktpy titanium sponge projects, one  in Lufeng Yunnan and one in Jinchang Gansu and will expand its current titanium sponge capacity in Lufeng Yunnan by 10 ktpy to 20 ktpy. Once these projects are completed, the company will have 80 ktpy titanium sponge capacity, marking it as a world leader in titanium sponge production.

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