China Nonferrous Metals News

China’s largest RKEF NPI furnace in terms of single-furnace volume has been put into operation in Shandong Linyi Xinhai New Materials. Shandong Linyi Xinhai has been designed with 12 NPI production lines (33 MVA each) for phase I and 8 NPI production lines (48 MVA each) for phase II. Xinhai’s total output will reach 122 kt per year (in Ni metal), approximately 26.5% of total China’s NPI output ( after converted in Ni metal).

The newly operational RKEF NPI furnace has the largest furnace volume in China, and is using SCR (Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction) technology. It is the first to achieve ultra-low emissions of particulates, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide – superior to national standards.

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