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SMM: China produced 5.69 mln t of alumina (MGA) in July, with daily average alumina output of 183.7 kt, a slight drop of 12 kt/day from the previous month. The decline can be chiefly attributed to refinery production cuts during July at Henan Huiyuan, Henan Zhongmei, Xiaoyi Xinfa, Tiandong Jinxin, Galuminium Group, Guizhou Huafei and others.

Looking forward to August, Shanxi refineries such as Zhaofeng and Jinzhong will continue to curb operations – Xiaoyi refineries are required to cut operations by 50% from 8th~20th August (during the 2nd National Youth Games). Together, these cuts are likely to leverage overall operational capacity down to approximately 66.33 mtpy during the first two weeks of August. SMM forecast China’ s alumina output (MGA) at 5.54 mln t for August, with daily average output expected at 178.7 kt, down slightly from July.

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