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East Hope Jinzhong has three alumina production lines, two of which have completed HT/LT conversion, and are capable of consuming 6 mln t of imported bauxite per annum. The company is set to restart an idled LT alumina production line in late March, increasing its imported bauxite consumption to 500 kt in April.

The company used 250 kt of imported bauxite in alumina refining in March, the same as February. At present, the company is chiefly using Guinean bauxite, and holds 1 mln t in stock at ports.

East Hope Jinzhong began using imported bauxite in May 2019, with total consumption of approximately 1 mln t during the year. East Hope’s 2020 Q1 consumption of imported bauxite is estimated to reach 500 kt.

Mainstream CIF China prices of Guinean bauxite (Al2O3 45% min, SIO2 3% max grade) currently stand at USD48.5~49.5/t. Some Chinese buyers are trying to bargain down to USD 45/t CIF China, citing a sluggish alumina market and sliding sea freight costs.


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