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Designed with 3.2 mtpy alumina capacity, East Hope Jinzhong has three alumina production lines, two of which have completed HT/LT conversion, and is currently reliant on imported bauxite.

The company has been operating two lines during April and restarted an idled LT line in mid-May, increasing its output to 200 kt from 180 kt in April. The company is set to maintain full operation on all three lines in June.

East Hope Jinzhong produced 2.5 mln t of alumina in 2019. It chiefly supplies alumina to the two aluminium East Hope smelters in IM and holds no stock.

Mainstream alumina prices currently stand at RMB2,160~2,210/t in Shanxi, the same as last Friday. Most refineries are holding firm on prices and market transactions have been limited.


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