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Guangxi Jingxi Tiangui, designed with alumina capacity of 800 ktpy is set to produce its first batch of alumina on 25th October.

Backed by total investment of RMB 2 bln, project construction was completed in May with trial operations successful in July 2019. The company will use domestic and Australian bauxite for alumina refining. The first batch of its standard alumina products will be on the market before end-October.

According to an internal source, the company will chiefly supply alumina to its primary aluminum smelter in Xinjiang, but this has no specific production plans at present which will depend on equipment operation. It is reported that Tiangui will continue to develop phase II and phase III alumina projects, with capacity of 800 ktpy each – ultimately increasing the company’s total alumina capacity to 2.4 mtpy.

Mainstream alumina transaction prices currently stand at RMB 2,520~2,570/t ex-work by 6-month acceptance bills, the same level as last weekend.


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