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The prices of China’s bauxite imports averaged at USD47.9/t in February 2020, a decline of 12.9% from a high point of US55/t in 2018. Industry analysts take the view that prices of China’s bauxite imports will be impacted by the following three factors over the short-term:

  1. Domestic inventories of imported bauxite, including inventories at ports and at refineries. At present, imported bauxite inventories exceeded 35 mln t in China, sustainable for more than three months’ operation. In the case of mining interruption at overseas mines or transport restrictions, short-term bauxite supply is still available.
  2. Domestic alumina prices. More domestic refineries are considering production cuts amid losses, which may lead to reduced demand for bauxite.
  3. Domestic bauxite price is in decline. Bauxite price fell by RMB100/t during April m-o-m in Shanxi. Enlarging gap between domestic and imported bauxite prices are likely to leverage the prices of imported bauxite down.


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