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IM Junzheng Group, the 2nd largest FeSi producer in China, further suspended 10 sets of 12,500 kVA EFs in Wuhai IM early this week after halting two sets of 63,000kVA EFs in Erdos, IM two weeks ago.

According to an internal source, “In response to IM’s energy emission control policy, we suspended 10 sets of 12,500 kVA EFs further on Tuesday, with our April output to drop by 10 kt from March 2021. The EFs are mainly for FeSi (75% grade) production. A restart time is yet to be announced but we anticipate suspension for more than a month according to past experiences.”

Designed with annual FeSi capacity of 503 ktpy, the company has 6 sets of 63,000 kVA and 10 sets of 12,500 kVA EFs. At present only 4 sets of 63,000 kVA are operational, producing FeSi at 72% min grade. The company produced 290 kt of FeSi in 2020, 23 kt in March 2021.

At present, mainstream FeSi prices (75% min grade, 10~50mm) have been stable at RMB7,200~7,400/t ex-work by cash.


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