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Hunan Shizhuyuan cut APT production in April 2021 under pressure from environmental checks underway in Hunan. According to an internal source, the company cut 50% of its APT production in April 2021, a monthly drop of 500 t. ‘We mainly serve long-term contacts. Domestic APT (88.5% min) prices are likely to rise next week following increased concentrate prices and falling APT supply’, he added.

Designed with 15 ktpy capacity, Hunan Shizhuyuan produced 9 kt of APT in 2020, 1 kt in March and 3 kt in Q1 2021. The company currently holds no stock.

Mainstream APT (88.5% min) transaction prices currently stand at RMB144,000~146,000/t ex-work by cash, up by RMB2,000/t from Monday.


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