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30th July: Huiyuan Aluminium, with alumina capacity of 800 ktpy, intends to suspend alumina production. A company spokesman says that the suspension will start mid-August and there is no plan to resume production within three months. The company’s alumina prices declined by RMB 400/t in July, a fact which has been blamed on ageing equipment. During the shutdown period, Huiyuan Aluminium will renovate one production line to allow it to use imported bauxite.


Huiyuan Aluminium has two alumina production lines with 400 ktpy capacity each, but only one has been operational in the past three months, producing 200 kt of alumina in the year-to- date. Huiyuan produced 520 kt of alumina in 2018.

At present, mainstream alumina transaction prices are standing at RMB 2,500-2,550/t ex-works in Henan.

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