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24th July: Huiyuan Aluminium, with alumina capacity of 800 ktpy, intends to start HT to LT conversion on its alumina production lines in the next three months.

Huiyuan Aluminium has two HT alumina production lines with 400 ktpy capacity each, mainly using domestic bauxite. The company plans to convert one of the HT production lines into a LT production line which will use imported bauxite. At present, only one HT production line is operational, with monthly capacity of 30 kt.

Huiyuan Aluminium is currently reliant on domestic bauxite, with consumption at 70 kt in July, and holds a 200 kt monthly bauxite inventory. After conversion, the company will be using imported bauxite, with a consumption capacity of 1.2 mpty.

It has been reported that bauxite (A/S ratio 5.0) prices stand at RMB 470/t VAT excluded delivered in Henan, which is expected to drop slightly by RMB 30/t early next month.

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