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Hubei Hanjiang Danjiangkou Aluminium smelter, designed with 120 ktpy capacity, is currently running at 50 ktpy capacity. As a result of obsolete production lines and a shortfall in electricity supply, the company has been unable to run at full capacity and now is looking to sell a 30 ktpy aluminum production quota.

The company produced 50 kt of primary aluminium in 2019 and its May output is estimated at 4.2 kt. It chiefly produces aluminum foil and holds no aluminium ingot in stock.

Last November, SPIC Baiyunhua acquired a 75 kt primary aluminium production quota from Fujian Nanping Aluminum smelter at RMB277 mln, an average price at RMB3,700/t.

Mainstream aluminium ingot transaction prices were RMB13,450~13,550/t at Shanghai warehouses on Thursday, a drop of RMB 10/t from Wednesday.


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