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30th July: Chalco Huaxing Aluminium, with total alumina capacity of 2 mtpy, has resumed one alumina production line with 500 ktpy capacity.

Huaxing Aluminium has three alumina production lines, one with 1 mtpy capacity, and two 500 ktpy lines that have been shut down for the past two months due to insufficient bauxite supply. According to a company source, they used imported bauxite to resume production on one line in order to meet demand in mid-July. The company is planning to use Australian high-temperature bauxite and currently holds 30 kt in inventory. All imported bauxite was purchased by the Chalco Trading Group.

Huaxing Aluminium is expected to produce 80 kt of alumina in July, up from 70 kt in June, and to produce 120 kt in August. They produced 1.9 mln t of alumina in 2018, and 500 kt in H1 2019. Huaxing do not hold any inventory.

At present, mainstream alumina prices are standing at RMB 2,490-2,540/t ex-works in Shanxi.

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