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Xiaoyi Huaqing, a small alumina refinery in Shanxi designed with 450 ktpy alumina capacity will resume normal operations in early April.

The company reduced its production by 50% on bauxite supply shortages in early February, and began resuming operations in mid-March as bauxite supply improved. According to an internal source, maintenance work on a coal gas furnace will be completed in three days. Consequently, the company is looking at 35 kt of alumna output in April, up from 30 kt in March 2020.

The company produced 400 kt of alumina in 2019 and its Q2 2020 output is estimated at 80 kt. It currently holds no alumina in stock.

Huaqing is set to bring its 6 mtpy bauxite mine into operation by end-April, producing 200 kt of bauxite during the month. It will sell bauxite mined on the market for refractory producers rather than using it for its own alumina refining.


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