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As of 30th December, a total of 5 mln t of bauxite had been imported via Huanghua Port Hebei, surging by 66.7% y-o-y from 3 mln t in 2018.

According to an internal source, bauxite shipments arriving at Huanghua Port were mainly for the use of Shandong refineries before 2019. After an increasing number of Shanxi refineries began using imported bauxite in 2019, shipments arriving at Huanghua Port rose rapidly.

Huanghua Port has two 200 kt berths, six 100 kt berths and has an two additional large berths under construction at present, which are scheduled to come online in two years.

Huanghua Port chiefly handles bauxite shipments from Indonesia, Australia and Guinea. Total port charges at Huanghua Port are RMB30/t.


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