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Heung Kong Wanji, designed with 1.4 mtpy alumina capacity, produced 1.37 mln t of alumina in 2018, and is aiming for 1.2 mln t of alumina output in 2019.

The company has two 400 ktpy and one 600 ktpy alumina production lines. It has completed HT to LT conversion on the two 400 ktpy production lines and started using imported bauxite for alumina production at end-July 2019. The company is currently operating in accordance with its long-term contracts, having no intention to increase production, in light of a weak market offering limited margins.

Heung Kong Wanji produced 100 kt of alumina in July and its August output is expected to be the same. Total output during the first seven months of 2019 were 700 kt.

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