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Imported bauxite consumption at Henan Heung Kong Wanji has increased to 10 kt per day, up by 400 t/day m-o-m.

Heung Kong Wanji began HT to LT conversion on its 600 ktpy and 400 ktpy alumina production lines in March and June respectively. At present, conversion of the 400 ktpy alumina production line is complete and the line is operational. Heung Kong Wanji has three alumina production lines with total capacity of 1.4 mtpy. A third line is still reliant on domestic bauxite, consuming 1.2 mln t per year.

Heung Kong Wanji first started to use imported bauxite in April 2019, with total consumption amounting to 860 kt from April to August. The company consumed 190 kt of imported bauxite in August, and September consumption is expected at 300 kt. Total company consumption is expected at 2.1 mln t for 2019, using mainly Guinean bauxite with 500 kt inventory in stock at present. The company typically consumes 4.3 mln t of imported bauxite per annum.

In 2018, prior to the HT to LT conversions, the company was entirely reliant on domestic supply, consuming 3.6 mln t of domestic bauxite for alumina refining.



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