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Henan Zhongmei, a small alumina refinery with 450 ktpy capacity, has eight mining licenses for bauxite in Dengfeng City, Henan.

Previously, lacking necessary mining approvals, Zhongmei was prevented from mining and had to seek supply from the market. At the end of August, the company began bauxite mining with a monthly capacity of 80 kt after receiving all necessary approvals. September output is expected at 70 kt, adequate for its monthly alumina refining needs.

Zhongmei’s eight bauxite mines, located about 8 to 20 km to its refinery, have a total life of approximately 10 years, with resource reserves in excess of 20 mln t, producing bauxite at Al2O3 60%, A/S: 4.5 grade.

The company consumed 70 kt bauxite for alumina production in August, and its September consumption is expected to be stable. It presently holds 70 kt of bauxite inventory and plans to mine 400 kt bauxite in 2019.


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