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Henan Yixiang refinery restarted its 600 ktpy alumina production line last week after one week of regular maintenance.

Henan Yixiang refinery, designed with 700 ktpy alumina capacity, has a 100 ktpy and a 600 ktpy production line. Only the 600 ktpy production line has been operational in 2019, generating 450 kt output during the first 3 quarters of 2019. Yixiang produced 50 kt alumina in September with 45 kt output expected for October. The company produced 600 kt of alumina (CGA) in 2018, and its 2019 output is expected to be the same. It holds no stocks at present.

Henan Yixiang chiefly produces chemical grade alumina (CGA) and sells to local refractory producers in Henan. At present, mainstream alumina prices (MGA) are standing at RMB 2,580~2,630/t ex-works in Henan, and Yixiang is quoting its CGA at RMB 2,750/t ex work on the spot market.


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