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Henan Yidian aluminum smelter based in Luoyang and designed with 600 ktpy aluminum capacity is set to restart 60 ktpy capacity and reach full capacity operation in June.

The company suspended 60 ktpy primary aluminium capacity last November as a result of the winter production policy (November 2019~March 2020) and ran maintenance on the suspended cells during the shutdown. The company will be ready to restart these cells in June.

The company produced 45 kt of primary aluminium in April and its May output is expected to be the same. It is total output for 2019 was 580 kt in 2019.

Henan Yidian currently holds no stock as its product is mainly in the form of liquid aluminium.

Mainstream primary aluminium ingot prices stood at RMB12,700~12,800/t at Shanghai warehouses on Wednesday, down by RMB290/t from Tuesday.


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