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Henan Huiyuan Aluminium, designed with 800 ktpy alumina capacity, has two 400 ktpy production lines. The company shut down all capacity at the beginning of August due to a sluggish market.

The company has been working on HT/LT conversions on one of its production lines, which is scheduled for completion in 2020. Once completed, the upgraded production line will be capable of consuming 1.2 mln t of imported bauxite per annum. The company is reported to have approximately 500 kt of domestic bauxite in stock at present.

Henan Huiyuan can consume up to 1.8 mln t of bauxite per annum. It used 1.2 mln t of bauxite in 2018, and total consumption from January to July 2019 amounted to 400 kt.

With tightening supply of local bauxite, an increasing number of domestic refineries in Henan, Shanxi and Guangxi have started to use imported bauxite for alumina refining.

At present, mainstream bauxite prices at A/S grade 5.0 are standing at RMB 440/t delivered without taxes.


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