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The local authorities of Henan recently revised the ‘Ad-Hoc Emission Reduction Plan for Heavy Pollution’, adding some terms in relation to environmental liability and supervision accountability. According to the new plan,
legal representatives of each producer who work against the rules and discharge emissions during the heavy pollution periods shall bear legal liabilities.

According to the plan, when ‘Orange’ (Level II) or ‘Red’ (Level I), is forecast frequently in a short period of time, industrial producers who cannot suspend operations upon short notice or who have continual production processes, such as iron and steel, coking, alumina, primary aluminum, carbon, copper smelting, ceramics, refractory materials, glass, petrochemical, coal to nitrogen fertilizer, pharmaceutical and etc., can adjust their operational plans following guidance from relevant authorities. Measures include: adjusting production plans in advance, suspending production in turn, improving pollution control efficiency and limiting actual operational rates.


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