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Guosen Mining, a major lead zinc miner in Zhalantun, eastern IM, suspended operations last Wednesday in response to government requirements for energy consumption control. Guosen had produced 2.5 kt of zinc concentrates in March before halting operations.

According to an internal source, the company suspended operations a week ago due to restrictions to power usage imposed by the government and a timeline for resumption is yet to be announced. The company’s Er’Daohe lead and zinc mine has total lead and zinc resource reserves of 23.27 mln t, containing 318.7 kt of lead in metal (1.02% grade) and 1.34 mln t of zinc in metal (5.49% grade). Designed with capacity of 5 kt per day, the dressing plant mainly produces lead concentrates (65% min) and lead concentrates (45% min) for surrounding smelters.

Designed with lead concentrate capacity of 20 ktpy (in metal), the company produced 1.3 kt of lead concentrates in February, and March production was 500 t as of last week. Designed with zinc concentrate capacity of 100 ktpy (in metal), it produced 7.5 kt of zinc concentrates in February, and March production was 2.5 kt as of last week.

Mainstream lead concentrate prices (60% min grade) stood at RMB12,750~12,950/t (in metal) on Wednesday, 17th March 2021, down by RMB50/t from last Tuesday; and mainstream zinc concentrate prices (50% min grade) were RMB15,950~16,250/t, down by RMB200/t from last Tuesday.


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