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Guizhou Qiya has two HT alumina productions lines, each with 500 ktpy capacity and one new LT alumina production line with 200 ktpy capacity, completed in June 2019 for use with imported bauxite. The company suspended LT alumina production in late September, but plans to restart in late October after some technical adjustments. The LT production line is capable of producing 10 kt of alumina per month. The company produced 85 kt of alumina in September and its October output is estimated to be the same.

According to an internal source, Guizhou Qiya has purchased 180 kt of Indonesian bauxite during 2019. The company produced 950 kt of alumina in 2018, and its 2019 production target is the same. At present, the company has no plans to expand by developing a second LT alumina production line.

All of Guizhou Qiya ‘s alumina products will be supplied to Qiya Group’s primary aluminium smelter in Xinjiang. Mainstream alumina prices currently stand at RMB 2,520~2,570/t in southwestern China.


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