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Guizhou Denggao New Materials, name plate capacity of 250 ktpy, is targeting 250 kt aluminium output in 2020, up 39% y-o-y. The smelter had been running at half capacity (125 ktpy) during H1 2019 , commenced full capacity (250 ktpy) since October 2019 and produced 180 kt of primary aluminium in 2019.


The company chiefly produces liquid aluminium, with a daily output of approximately 680 t, selling to surrounding downstream primary aluminum processers who have returned to business. During the CNY period, the company produced about 10 kt aluminium ingot and currently holds no stocks.


Mainstream aluminium ingot transaction prices were RMB 13,330~13,430/t at Shanghai warehouses this Thursday, down RMB60/t on Wednesday.



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