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SOGUIPAMI (la société guinéenne du patrimoine minier) of Guinea, an SOE under the administration of the Guinean Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, is aiming for 2 mln t of bauxite exports directly in 2020.


SOGUIPAMI plans to export 180 kt of bauxite before March 2020 which will be supplied by Alufer, Chalco and Ashapula. According to an inside source, the  annual bauxite mining capacity of Alufer is 6 mtpy, Chalco 12 mtpy, and Ashapula 5 mtpy, and SOGUIPAMI owns a 15% stake in Alufer, 10% in Chalco and 15% in Ashapula.


SOGUIPAMI is in active talks with Chinese buyers aiming to export bauxite at grade Al2O3 44% min and SiO2 3% max.


At present, seven bauxite miners are in operation in Guinea, with a total mining capacity of 90 mtpy. Guinean’s bauxite exports are expected to soar by 33% y-o-y to 80 mln t in 2019.


At present, mainstream Guinean bauxite prices stand at USD50~53/t CIF China, at grade 45% Al2O3 min and SiO2 3% max.




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