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Located in Guangyuan Sichuan and with 250 ktpy primary aluminium capacity, Guangyuan Zhongfu Aluminium began project construction in March 2019 and is set to come on line in Q1 2020.

Guangyuan Zhongfu smelter is a subordinate of the Henan Zhongfu Group, with 500 ktpy primary aluminium capacity. Henan Zhongfu suspended its 250 ktpy primary aluminium lines, composed of 282 sets of 320 kA electrolytic cells at its original site in Henan in late March 2019. These were all dismantled at its original Henan site and relocated to the site at Guangyuan Sichuan where electricity costs are relatively low.

Guangyuan Sichuan smelter enjoys an electricity tariff of RMB 0.28/kWh, lower than the rate of RMB 0.4/kWh which was applicable at the Zhongfu Henan smelter, meaning a reduction of RMB 1,600/t in production costs.

Mainstream aluminium ingot transaction prices were RMB 13,830~13,930/t at Guangzhou warehouses this Wednesday, up by RMB20/t from Tuesday.


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