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Guangxi Xinfa, with aluminium capacity of 320ktpy, is planning to resume full capacity operation in mid-September. The company suspended 40 ktpy of aluminium capacity (50 sets of 240 kA electrolytic cells) in mid-June due to a liquid aluminium spill. Maintenance on these cells was completed in mid-August and production has been ramping up gradually since then. Full capacity operations may be achieved by next week.

Guangxi Xinfa produced 260 kt of primary aluminium (liquid aluminium) last year and 300 kt is planned in 2019, with 210 kt output during the first eight months of 2019.

The company produced 24 kt of liquid aluminium in August with September output expected at 25 kt.

On Tuesday, mainstream transaction prices of liquid aluminium were RMB 14,290-14,390/t in Guangzhou, RMB 70/t less than Monday.


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