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Guangxi Tiangui Refinery, a subordinate of Tianshan Aluminium, designed with 800 ktpy alumina capacity in its Phase I, is aiming to produce 800 kt of alumina in 2020.

Tiangui refinery started trial operation in late Q3 2019, and precipitation and calcination processes are running smoothly at present. Tiangui will begin formal operations shortly and will ramp up to full capacity within a month. The company mainly uses Guinean bauxite for alumina refining.

Tiangui produced 10 kt of alumina in 2019. Construction of Tiangui’s Phase II and Phase III alumina projects are underway and are scheduled to come online by end-2020- increasing total capacity to 2.4 mtpy once completed.

At present, mainstream alumina prices are RMB2,310~2,360/t in Guangxi, the same as last week.


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