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Guangxi Investment Group is set to start construction of a 200 ktpy primary aluminium project in Fangchenggang, Guangxi during Q3 2020.

Guangxi Investment has two primary aluminium smelters of 200 ktpy and 500 ktpy, located at Baise and Laibin respectively, and both are presently running at full capacity. The company intends to shut down the 200 ktpy Baise smelter and build a new 200 ktpy smelter in Fangchenggang. Feasibility study and design work for the project have been completed and development is scheduled for completion in 10 months.

Also co-invested by the Guangxi Investment Group, a 2 mtpy alumina project at Fanchenggang is set to come online by end-Q2 2020 , and Guangxi Investment Group owns a 39% stake of the project.



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