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Guangxi Huayin has designed alumina capacity of 2.3 mtpy, comprising five alumina production lines. All five production lines have all been in normal operation since the beginning of 2019.

According to an inside source, the company has been running steadily throughout 2019, producing 1.4 mln t of alumina during the first eight months of the year. It produced 170 kt of alumina in August with September output to be stable at 170 kt. Bauxite supply from its own mines is sufficient for its demand for alumina refining. The company has now increased its 2019 output target to 2.1 mln t, up from 2.03 mln t in 2018. All alumina produced will be sold under long-term contracts and the company presently has no inventory.

Guangxi Huayin started to upgrade its precipitation technique/process in June 2019, completion is expected in Q1 2020, increasing its total alumina capacity by 40 ktpy once completed.
Mainstream alumina prices are RMB 2,510~2,560/t ex-works, the same level as earlier this week.


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