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Guangxi Huasheng, designed with alumina capacity of 4 mtpy, is a new alumina refinery under the Chalco Group, located at Fangchenggang Port, Guangxi. Phase I of the project, designed with 2 mtpy capacity, comprises two alumina production lines of 1 mtpy each, which began construction in June 2019. Phase I was scheduled to come online by end-June 2020, but is now scheduled to begin in August or September 2020 as the COVID-19 epidemic is disrupting development.


Backed by total investment of RMB15 bln, the Huasheng project is jointly financed by the Chalco Group, Guangxi Investment Group and the Fangchenggang Port Group.


Mainstream alumina prices currently stand at RMB2,520~2,570/t ex-work in Guangxi, up by RMB20/t from the beginning of the week.



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