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Guangxi Huasheng, designed with alumina (SGA) capacity of 4 mtpy, is a new alumina refinery under the Chalco Group, located at Fangchenggang Port, Guangxi. Phase I of the project, designed with 2 mtpy capacity, comprises two alumina production lines of 1 mtpy each which began construction in November 2018. At present, 80% of project construction is complete and Phase I is scheduled to start trial operations by end-June 2020.

According to an internal source, Huasheng will receive imported bauxite in early June, and will be ready for trial operation by end-June. Huasheng is targeting 800 kt of alumina output from July to December 2020 after the project is fully online.

The whole Huasheng project comprise 4 mtpy alumina, 800 ktpy liquid aluminium, some downstream aluminum processing capacities and port facilities.


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