Shanghai Nonferrous Metals News

16 September: Kunming Intermediate People’s Court of Yunnan auctioned the APT stocks of Fanya (Pan-Asian) on the auction platform of the Alibaba Judicial Network from 10AM September 16 to 10AM September 17, 2019.

The auction was for 28 kt of APT in stock at the Ganzhou Warehouse of Changyue Feiping Nonferrous Metals (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. and the Changde Warehouse of China Logistic Co. Ltd. The initial bid price was set at RMB 2,448,260,380, with a deposit of RMB 200 mln and each bid increment set at RMB5 mln. As of today, the bid had climbed to RMB 2,473,260,380.


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