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The 2019 the negotiations about on-grid electricity prices have been progressing smoothly. At present, several major primary aluminium producing regions have confirmed reductions to on-grid electricity prices:

  • Qinghai: a reduction of RMB 0.3/kWh
  • Gansu: a reduction of RMB 0.3/kWh – pending formal government announcement
  • Shanxi: a reduction of RMB 0.35~0.37/kWh
  • Guizhou: a reduction of RMB 0.33/kWh for some producers
  • Yunnan: a reduction of RMB 0.25~0.3/kWh for new projects
  • Henan: improvement to the differential electricity price scheme and an increase in the tiered electricity price standard for primary aluminium smelting

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