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East Hope Jinzhong Aluminium Co. Ltd. has designed alumina capacity of 3.2 mtpy comprising three production lines: two 1 mtpy lines and one 1.2 mtpy line. The company suspended one 1.2 mtpy alumina production line in mid-July due to weak alumina prices. At present, most local Shanxi refineries are in loss with current alumina prices falling below RMB 2,500/t. Consequently, the company has no plans to resume the 1.2 mtpy alumina production line, but will continue normal operation of the two 1 mtpy HT production lines.

The company produced 200 kt of alumina in July and its August output is expected to be 170 kt. Its 2018 alumina output was 2.4 mln t and its output during the first seven months of 2019 was 1.3 mln t.

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