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Domestic tungsten concentrate prices have been on the rise in July in the wake of tightening supply. Recent tungsten concentrate prices have maintained upward momentum after prices surged to RMB110,000/t by end-July. As of end-July, wolframite concentrates (65% WO3) prices had lifted to RMB112,000~114,000/t and wolframite concentrates (65% WO3) prices were at RMB111,000~113,000/t. Mainstream tungsten concentrate prices (50~55% WO3) rose to RMB109,000~111,000/t.

Mainstream domestic APT prices climbed to RMB168,000~171,000/t by end-July boosted by rising concentrate prices and increased long-term contract prices of large producers. Consequently, domestic APT smelters were bullish about the price outlook and raised their quotations to RMB168,000~169,000/t minimum this week.

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