China Commodity Market Place

This week, domestic concentrate vendors have been firm on prices, with mainstream wolframite concentrate (65% WO3) prices being quoted at RMB 111,000~113,000/t, sheelite concentrate (65% WO3) at RMB 110,000~112,000/t and tungsten concentrate (55% WO3) at RMB 108,000~111,000/t. Given the limited supply of tungsten concentrates on the spot market, some downstream buyers have had to raise offers to meet their needs.

Mainstream domestic APT price lifted to RMB 171,000~173,000/t following increased raw material prices. Meanwhile, environmental checks in some producing regions and a bearish market outlook have resulted in reduced operations and shrinking supply. Domestic APT smelters were keen to prop prices at RMB 171,000~172,000/t by cash on the spot market this week.

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