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The domestic tungsten market stagnated last week, and it is unlikely to improve in the short-term. At present, raw materials holders are reluctant to sell at low prices and high-level quotations are being declined by buyers, resulting a stalemate. At present, wolframite (65% grade) mainstream quotations are at RMB 87,000~88,000/standard t; sheelite (65% grade) is at RMB 86,000~87,000/standard t and tungsten concentrates (50~55% grade) at RMB 83,000~86,000/standard t.


The domestic APT market is now stable with mainstream quotations standing between RMB 134,000~136,000/t. APT smelters are having a difficult time, represented by weak downstream demand and high tungsten concentrate prices. Mainstream transaction prices are settled between RMB134,000~135,000/t.



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