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China Tungsten Association: China produced 126 kt of tungsten concentrates in 2018 (converted to 65% WO3), down 3.73% on-year. The decline can be attributed to:

  • Double counting – some trade figures and amounts of processed tungsten products were counted as concentrate output for 2017
  • Suspension of several mines due to environmental reasons and ore depletion
  • Some tungsten trading business folded in 2018

Domestic tungsten concentrate output for 2019 is expected to remain stable at the same level as in 2018. The depletion of domestic tungsten resources,  shortage of supplemental resources, and other factors such as policy control, mining and dressing costs, safety and environmental issues are likely to curb output growth of major miners. China Tungsten Association’s survey of 34 major tungsten miners reported ore depletion problems at 24 miners and tungsten resources were almost exhausted at seven of them. Additionally, the overall utilization of the associated tungsten resources was in decline. In Henan, the comprehensive utilization of associated tungsten resources has been in decline over three consecutive years from 24.5 kt in 2015 to 16.6 kt in 2018, a reduction of 7.9 kt or 32.33%. In addition, the output of processed tungsten concentrate products at traders is showing a decline on-year.

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