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Aladdiny: Domestic bauxite supply remains tight after the National Day Holiday (1~7 October). In Shanxi, bauxite supply contracted further, with prices climbing by RMB 20/t m-o-m, driven by resumption plans of Jiaokou Xinfa and Jinzhong East Hope. At present local bauxite prices are RMB 475~505/t delivered without tax (Aa: 60%, A/S: 5.0) and RMB 380~410/t delivered without tax (Aa: 58%, A/S: 4.0). In Henan, prices are stable at RMB 370~400/t, delivered without tax (Aa: 60%, A/S:5.0) and RMB 270~300/t delivered without tax (Aa:58%, A/S:4.0). In Guizhou, prices are RMB 215~285/t, delivered without tax (Aa: 60%, A/S:5.5~6.0) and in Guangxi, prices are RMB190~230/t, delivered without tax (Aa: 53%, A/S:6.5~7.5).


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