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Aladdiny: Major alumina refineries in Shanxi and Guizhou are still under pressure from bauxite supply shortages; a result of low mining activities due to a lack of workers. Consequently, local refineries in Shanxi and Guizhou including Xinfa Chemicals, Xing’an Chemicals, Senze Coal and Al and Guizhou Galuminium are having to curtail operations by no less than 50% for in excess of two weeks.

In contrast, refineries using imported bauxite are keen to resume or even increase operations thanks to sufficient supply of imported bauxite in conjunction with a sharp fall in logistics costs – a result of slumping gas prices. Two refineries partially resumed operations recently. Chalco refineries have been running at high operational rates on adequate bauxite supply from its captive mines and imported sources, with Chalco’s Xinghua Technology planning to increase March output to 85 kt.



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