Ministry of Commerce

25th December 2019: CRRC Qishuyan, a rail locomotive, engine and cart producer, and Guinean SMB signed a contract for supply of 14 x 4,400 HP AC transmission diesel locomotives for the Dapilon-Santou railway in Guinea. CRRC Qishuyan will begin delivering diesel locomotives to SMB in early 2020.

The 112 km Dapilon-Santou railway is located in the Boke and Kindia regions of Guinea connecting the Port of Dapilon and the Santou mine site. The heavy-haul railway will mainly transport bauxite from SMB’s Santou mine site to Dapilon Port and provide bauxite transport to the port for other miners along the way. Railway construction began on 29th March 2019 and is scheduled to be completed and operational in June 2021.


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