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CNIA: As of 26th February, the average operational rates of 1,093 surveyed members of CNIA were 76.5% with 72.2% of workers returning to work. During the COVID-19 epidemic period, the average capacity utilization rates of non-ferrous metals producers (the typical ten kinds of nonferrous metals) reached 85%, with utilization of 81.5% for copper, 87.6% for primary aluminium, and 80.2% for lead and zinc smelting respectively.


According to CNIA, the problems faced by domestic nonferrous metals producers include:

  1. Falling prices in both domestic and global market
  2. Risks of production cuts or suspensions due to raw material shortage or mounting inventory of sulfuric acid at heavy metals producers such as copper, lead and zinc producers
  3. Manpower shortage problems remain crucial for non-SOEs and downstream processers
  4. Liquidity and funding issues
  5. International trade and investment problems overseas, for instance the 14-day quarantine requirements for Chinese cargos and so on


Measures suggested by CNIA to tackle these issues are:

  1. Reservation of some nonferrous metals products
  2. Suspend the import of sulfuric acid and raw materials for sulfuric acid production




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