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 Chongqing Shuijiang alumina refinery, designed with alumina capacity of 800 ktpy, produced 450 kt of alumina in 2019 and is targeting 600 kt output in 2020.

Chongqing Shuijiang refinery came online in January 2019, reached full capacity operation in April and originally planned to produce 600 kt of alumina in 2019. However, due to weak alumina prices during H2 2019, the company has not been operating at full capacity over the past three months. At present Shuijiang refinery is running at 80% capacity with monthly output of approximately 50 kt.

The alumina it produces will be mainly supplied to Bosai Group’s (parent company) aluminium smelter in Sichuan.

At present, mainstream alumina prices stand at RMB2,450/t ex-works in Chongqing, the same as last week.



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